Big success on the World Circus Festival in Geneva

On April the 23rd and 24th of this year, Cirque Magnifique performed with the show SOL at the World Circus Festival in an intimate theatre situated in Carouge, an Italien district in the city of Geneva. Cirque Magnifique stole the hearts of the Swiss audience. Also the Dutch Society and the Dutch consul were enthralled by the performance.

Below, you can read the superbly positive reviews the show received and the reaction of the festival's director:

FANTASTIC ! Cirque Magnifique had all the awe and amazement, the excitement, and the spontaneous, wholeharted laughs you want from the very best circus and theater/variety show, very high level, sophisticated yet heartwarming, classy... I'm running out of laudatory terms here! It's actually one of the best things I ever saw. Thanks you for the absolutely gorgeous entertainment “
Gail Mangold Swiss News

“ I was very happy to have you in our event and through your show I made a very beautiful discovery.  The Netherlands have beautiful treasures in the circus shows . Now that we have opened the door of the show together. I hope to welcome you again in 2014 “
Youri Messen-Jaschin

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